Unify can help you increase productivity by improving collaboration between stakeholders

View real-time status of all your FIX onboarding and certification requests

Streamline certification and achieve 100% acuracy without any manual entry.

Our Product

Unify is a web-based platform that allows seamless interaction between you and your customers.

Get full transparency over every project with Unify’s. Make asking for updates a thing of the past.

  • Improving collaboration with your customers.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Track request approvals and cost.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • Develop and Share FIX Specification on-line.

Available as stand-alone product for on premises installation and as Fully-hosted, cloud-based solution.

Unify is built to support all stages of client connectivity lifecycle. Customisable dashboards can help you see what really matters for you.

  • Web based portal for request creation and tracking.
  • Manage FIX session details.
  • See real-time status of requests.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of your counterparty trading activity.
  • Create customisable request templates.


  • Fully automated certification.
  • Create and organize test cases with predefined validations.
  • Reduce human validation errors and ensure 100% test coverage.
  • Record the evidence in human readable format.
  • Share test results with customer online.

  • Clone FIX specifications and customize in few clicks.
  • Validate messages against your own spec.
  • Share your Specification with one click.
  • Cleaner user interface for editing.

  • Web based FIX Simulator.
  • Support Muliple FIX Versions.
  • Automated responses
  • Multi-Asset Support.

Unify is a fully supported platform with unlimited user access. Contact us today for 3 month free trial

Our Services

We are specialized in client connectivity using FIX protocol which means we can provide a coustom solutions to make your FIX integration simple, efficent, and accurate.


While the FIX specification is open and free, implementing FIX connectivity requires planning, software, and network services. We are here to help.


Certification is primary part for getting connectivity correct and for boosting customer confidence. We can help you streamline the process.


Proper knowledge of FIX protocol is key for performing and delivering in a fast-phased trading environment. We can help in boosting your employ confidence.


Working with the FIX protocol requires knowledge of the standards and context , Our experienced FIX Engineers can help in supporting FIX infrastructures.

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Wisecube Consulting

Wisecube provides software development and IT consulting for the Financial Services industry. We are specialized in Electronic Trading and FIX Implementation. We constantly strive to improve the operational processes to optimize your business.

We treat our customers as long-term business partners. We want to help you in solving your problem at an optimal cost with our knowledge and innovative spirit.

We can help you deliver the best solutions for your company and your clients. We also offer instructor-led training courses which provide extensive hands-on experience.

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